Lifeskill System

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This system is inspired by Black Desert Online's Life skill system. Since I played BDO for quite long, I was very inspired to make a version of this to Ragnarok as close as I could get with my own personal twist and take.

Getting Started

Before you choose lifeskill, i'l explain first about lifeskill system. There are 2 types lifeskill system Gathering and Processing.

Gathering Lifeskill

  • Minning
  • Hunting/Butchering
  • Lumbering
  • Fluid Collect
  • Fishing (not shown but you can only fish on map cell with water - No NPC interaction )

These lifeskills are used to gather materials from mobs. When you use/equip an inappropriate tool, you cannot attack the mob (sample is when you are using a pickaxe, you cannot attack a Hunting Mob/Lumbering Tree and so on).

Processing Lifeskill

  • Cooking
  • Scribing
  • Crafting

These lifeskills are used to craft items you've gathered in gathering lifeskill.